Foodsteps speaks at UN Food Systems Pre-Summit on sustainability labelling

28th July 2021

Foodsteps presented alongside Professor Tim Lang and Quota Media at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit on July 27th, advocating for the adoption of extensive environmental and social impact labelling on food.

In a talk attracting over 600 viewers from 23 countries, Anya Doherty, Founder and CEO of Foodsteps, presented the case for environmental labelling as a feature of an on-pack 'omni-label' which would see food businesses declaring a range of social and environmental information on packaging to consumers. 

The event and proposal was led by Tim Lang, Emeritus Professor of Food Policy, City University. Tim first proposed the omni-label solution more than 20 years ago.

According to Professor Tim Lang, "Food has got to be addressed to meet a multiple set of crises. Social crises, economic ones, jobs, climate change, biodiversity, fishing, inequalities of health, rampant out of control ultra-processed diets. It is hopeless if we do not include water scarcity, because food is the biggest user of potable water on the planet."

Foodsteps was able to contribute insights from both research and industry to the proposal. Anya presented the findings of her academic research at the University of Cambridge on the impact that carbon labelling has on consumer choices. She also presented insights from industry over the past few years, showing that there is widespread desire for labelling coming from many corners of the food system.

The full talk can be viewed here

Image: The five categories proposed for a global food label include food safety, nutrition, labour, environmental impact and land sovereignty. Sourced from Quota Media.