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Full Life-Cycle Assessments

Our assessments cover the full life-cycle of food and drink products, giving you insight into your upstream and downstream impacts. Discover hotspots in your supply chain and learn where to focus your sustainability efforts most effectively.


Processing & Packaging


Retail & Consumption


Impact rating and industry benchmarking

The most important thing when it comes to communicating sustainability is context. Is your footprint score large or small? How does it compare to others in your sector?

The Foodsteps A-E rating system is based on the global carbon budget for food, aligning the impact of your food to important international targets like the Paris Climate Agreement. We also provide industry benchmarking to see how you compare to other products in your market.

Independent and rigorous methodology

Our team has years of experience conducting life-cycle assessments for food and drink. Our assessments are completed to carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol Product Standard and PAS 2050. We organise independent verification of our work by industry and academic experts.

Engage your customer base with Food Story

Food Story is a chance to speak directly to your customers about your sustainability efforts and product traceability. Accessed via the QR code on our labels, Food Story moves beyond carbon emissions and highlights other sustainability features of your product. Tell the story of your product from farm to fork with our customisable templates.  

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