Integrate sustainability seamlessly into your food business.

The Foodsteps platform and labels help food businesses to become sustainability leaders.

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A single platform to manage your footprint

The Foodsteps platform is designed to help you, as a food provider, make the right decisions when it comes to sustainability. Understand the environmental impact of your meals, see recommendations for improvements across your operations and download progress reports. Let the platform do the heavy-lifting from the start.

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0.84 kg CO2e per serving


0.82 tonnes CO2e per month

Aubergine Parmigiana

2.05 kg CO2e per serving

Automate footprints across your menu and supply chain

The Foodsteps platform makes it quick and easy to calculate the footprint of your menu, using the best available environmental data. Choose between average scoring or bespoke impact assessments.  Integrate with your existing procurement systems to automate data collection and start locating hotspots for improvement in your supply chain.

Showcase your green credentials to customers

Take your customers with you as you footprint your menu and make progress in reducing your environmental impact. From on-site posters to digital menu labelling, we can help you put your sustainability actions front and centre. We know how important it is to show your customers you care.

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Make progress towards net zero

As a food business, the biggest source of your greenhouse gas emissions will most likely be the food and drink you serve. Whether you have already committed to a Net Zero target or are considering doing so, we can help you understand the full scope of your emissions. We pay particular attention to the area that matters most: the food you serve. 

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