The Foodsteps Impacts Database

Our database on the environmental impacts of food uses life-cycle assessment data on carbon footprint, land use, water use, and pollution. Comprised of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies alongside our own primary research, our database is independently reviewed by academic and industry experts.

The Foodsteps Platform

Our platform streamlines our services into a single tool that makes it quick and affordable to calculate environmental impacts across large and complex food operations. Discover your impact, generate reports and see recommendations for reducing your footprint all in one place.

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Impact Labels

Download carbon labels directly from the Foodsteps Platform to start communicating your impact to your customers. We have helped food businesses display our labels on product packaging, digital menus, physical menus and apps.

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Food Story

Food Story engages customers with your unique and ongoing sustainability progress. Your Food Story page showcases the journey of your food items from farm to fork and can be used to communicate directly with your customer base on your sustainability efforts. 

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