Every food business can have a better impact on the planet.

Food creates 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the biggest cause of biodiversity loss. Our platform enables restaurants, brands and retailers to track and reduce the footprint of food from farm to fork.

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“Foodsteps were the ideal partner to help us understand and mitigate our impact, and help our customers make informed decisions.”

David Ruttle, Co-founder, Mydflower Drinks

"Working with Foodsteps has made it easy to for us to both measure and communicate the complex carbon footprint of our dishes effectively and in a friendly way."

Rosie Rayner-Law, Sustainability Manager, CH&Co at UCL

"Foodsteps calculated the carbon footprint of a cup of coffee throughout our supply chain. The Foodsteps team gathered relevant data very efficiently."

Pascale Schuit, Sustainable Sourcing Manager, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Our COP27 Food and Agriculture Digest

18th November 2022

Foodsteps talks through the topline pledges, promises and announces on food from COP27.

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Foodsteps News

14th October 2022

Wrap x Foodsteps: Collaborating on the Emissions Factor Database … Reporting scope 3 emissions has always been a hurdle for hospitality, consistently posing a challenge to consumers' and suppliers' ability to fully understand the environmental…

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Foodsteps Announces $4M Fundraise to Accelerate Sustainable Change

24th May 2022

As you may have seen, we’ve just announced a $4.1M seed fundraise. This is something of a personal moment for me - having founded the company 2 and a half years ago, I never imagined having the chance to build a team of 30 people to tackle a problem…

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